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My Art Mom's Art Playgroup

This is truly a unique family enrichment program for parents and children to enjoy the process of art together. Each session we learn of a master artist and learn how they were able to master the art of creativity.  At the end it's not about the artwork but rather the process to create and enjoy positive problem solving!  

How it works
Parents/caregivers and their preschoolers are each given their own canvas and learn different art techniques using paint, pastels or watercolors.  Art stations are around the room for children to enjoy while mom or dad finishes their own artwork.  At the end, everyone is celebrating their work. Create your own special family art book when you join the 4-week session.  

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Classes are offered on Mondays from 10:30-11:30 or Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00

Fall Session 1:  Create and be Adventurous like Pablo Picasso -- September 18 - October  10
Fall Session 2:  Create and be Fearless like Georgia O'keefe -- October 17 - November 7
Fall Session 3:  Create and be Content like Mark Rothko -- November 13 - December 12 (no class Thanksgiving week)

Location: 1801 N Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302

What moms are saying about My Art Mom's Art Playgroup

I really felt this was great value in what we did! It was great for my child.
— J. Wszalek
I loved that I didn’t need any experience to create something I’m proud of. And that my son is so proud right now.
— K. Battle
This was really great for both of us. I was nervous about my son because he is so active, but it was cool to see him engage and also such a gift for me to be able to create myself!
— E. Mancia