We offer fun enriching art classes for home daycares and indoor play centers! We specialize in working with young artist (12 months - 5 years) allowing them to explore the creative process being introduced to different art tools and master artist. 

How it works:
We go to your center based on your schedule and what works best for your students.   Our art enrichment classes include: music, storytelling and introducing young children to a master artist being inspired to create their own work exploring the process of art.    It's not about the final product that counts but more about enjoying the process as we practice determination and patience one dot or line at a time.  As Henri Mattise says "creativity takes courage" and we truly encourage your students to embrace positive problem solving through art. 

Want to learn more
Contact Selena at 703-944-4381 to schedule an enriching class for your students and business. 


What some of the home daycares and indoor play centers are saying about us: 


Kola Kids Day Care, Inc
Ms. Selena is wonderful.  She has been providing classes to my home daycare for several months.  She provides the children with a rich learning experience by offering a new artistic expression each class. She provides a short background on the featured artist, incorporates movement and music and encourages the children to express their creativity.  We have explored many forms of art to include paint, chalk and charcoal.  The kids absolutely love Ms. Selena and we are always excited to have her come share her passion for  art with us.  
Lynnette Vango-Green
Play Nook
Nook partners with Metamorphosis to offer art classes for children ages 2-4. The classes are consistently full, often with a wait list, and our customers rave about Selena's ability to engage their otherwise restless children in art projects for the full class time. The art projects are well thought out and age appropriate. Parents enjoy the classes as well!
Maria Vogelei