"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

–Pablo Picasso

Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center brings creativity to the forefront of all families and individuals.  Our aim is to unleash the creative potential that is within all of us to foster a creative confidence, enhance communication and  to honor and celebrate the diversity of expression within our communities and families. Our professional artist use drawing exercises to help students realize their potential and discover their own artistic expression.

Why take an art class with Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center?

  1. Everyone is engaged at their own level. 
  2. Parents and children can share their art experience and celebrate their accomplishments together.  
  3. Create a family resilience as both parent and child persevere to express themselves through art.  
  4. It's fun. 

What are the benefits of joining an art class? 

  1. It enhances your perceptions of yourself and the world around you to be more mindful. 
  2. It fosters a creative confidence that  transfers over into problem solving and critical thinking. 
  3. It teaches you to express your individuality and to embrace it. 

How does art benefit children? 

  1. Children who take art classes tend to be more motivated to learn. 
  2. It enhances their language skills as they analyze and describe their artwork. 
  3. It builds confidence and self-esteem.
  4. It helps them to be open minded and celebrate diversity. 


Want to bring creativity to the forefront of your family? Register for one of our classes:

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Alexandria, VA 22302

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I didn’t know I could be creative without being experienced in drawing. I’m excited to come back and see the end result of what is in me.
— Stephanie K.
I never looked at my attributes as being colorful. Doing the Circle of Attributes exercise allowed me to view myself in a new way using only color.
— Loillet L.