The Importance of Art in Our Children's Lives

Have you ever said, “I wish I could draw” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”?  If so, have you ever wondered what message this gives to your child (in all honesty, I’ve been guilty as charged).

 As adults we tend to believe a “respectable” piece of art should represent a realistic object or capture a beautiful landscape.  This type of thinking places unfair expectations we unwillingly pass to our children, which can hinder their artistic development. When a child draws, paints or sketches, the goal should be about exploring and having fun during the process and not solely about being able to capture an accurate representation. Art should be enjoyed in a stress-free environment in order to help nurture our own creativity, increase our intelligence and character development. (Hint: this is not only for children.)

 Developing our Character though Art
Creativity is a hidden gem we all posses that needs to be polished and developed. Exercising our creativity is an important step in creating a positive energy that can influence our community and family life.  Other lifelong lessons can be learned through the art process.  Whether the artist is a child or adult, art teaches us the importance of patience, determination and perseverance as the process evolves.  There might be times that a particular drawing or painting might not come out as we truly intended – such is life. But with continued perseverance, patience, determination and creativity we can bring our canvas to life as we intended and the results can be truly rewarding.  In the end, your child now as a canvas or drawing that truly represents their uniqueness and can be displayed at home as a daily reminder of the attributes that helped them achieve success.    

 Art and Intelligence
Being truly engaged within the process of art benefits our intelligence and helps to be engaged in positive problem solving.  The beauty of art is everyone starts with a blank canvas and at the end of the process it was YOU that created something unique. That alone can be empowering for any age! Many decisions must be made when enjoying the process of art such as how to mix and match colors, or when and where you as an artist must decide to add lines or circles. Children as young as 18 months have experimented and played with their problem solving abilities at Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center.

Not always about the picture
In the end, the process of art should relieve stress, bring laughter, enhance our intellectual and social characteristics and provide an opportunity to express our unique personalities.  

Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center has created classes for children and parents to enjoy together because we truly believe the process of art empowers families to develop a sense of community and a shared lifelong positive experience. My hope is all participants decide to display their final piece of art as a daily reminder to enjoy the unexpected in life, respect diversity of thought and expression, and celebrate the beauty of your creativity.