Confidence Soars With Drawing

How many times have you told yourself “I would love to draw or paint, but I’m not creative or artistic”?
When you say this do you ever stop and ask yourself “What am I saying? I’m not good enough? I’m not talented enough? I’m not artistic enough?” 

Did you know that Pablo Picasso would draw 8 sketch-books before finally coming up with an idea for one of his paintings?
That is approximately 400-sketches.  What if he or the other great artist, succumbed to their fear of art?  Would we have art to fill the museums today? Would we have art to tell stories?

Art is not a leisure activity that is held for only the “talented.” 
Art is for everyone. It is a process of challenging expectations, clarifying vision, experimentation with ideas and techniques to formulate a desired outcome.  It helps to advance thoughts of individuals by confronting their assumptions of their own artistic ability in hopes of enhancing self-confidence and self-esteem.

I recently interviewed Stephanie Kelley who is an “artist”, mother of 2 beautiful teenage boys and a wife.  She has been through several different classes with Metamorphosis Art & Enrichment Center and I wanted to get her perspective on what it means to be an “artist” and if taking an art class changed her perspective about herself.  

I can’t say that you will find her artwork in a local art show but where you will find it is proudly hanging in her living room where her children and family and most importantly Stephanie can appreciate it.      

  • It is a piece of art that boost her self-confidence because she created it.
  • It reminds her to take the “time out” for herself in order to give back.
  • It “validates [her] existence” and reminds her to reflect with a new perspective to challenges.
  • It reminds her that she can conquer her fears. 

 I asked Stephanie what it means to be an “artist”?
She said that being an artist is simply overcoming fears and obstacles and expressing your true self.  Artist can create camaraderie to share, reflect and encourage one another. It brings a sense of community.

What would you tell someone who is fearful of art? 
“The anxiety is within me all the time to do art.  But the thought of being able to do something with a blank paper or canvas, is motivating and empowering.  At the end, I see the final result and I can say “I did that!”  Because of art, I’m willing to try other activities that I’m fearful of such as skiing. I’m able to tackle different challenges in a creative way. I’m able to be more of ME.” 

I have posted some of Stephanie’s artwork (see on the right hand side) for you to enjoy.  The power behind her work is an “artist” who blossomed and gained a self-awareness beyond her expectations. She came to each class with an uplifting attitude and ready to experience the process of art. You don’t need “talent” or “artistic” abilities”, you just need the willingness to try.  Tap into your creative potential and allow your confidence to soar. 

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