Color Wheel In You

Dizzying Wheel of Fortune

I'm a pretty organized person with my calendar penciled in months ahead of time and  my "to do" list ready for each week with teaching art classes, creating a business and all of the other obstacles in life. Even though I have good intentions of being organized and ready to meet life's challenges, there are many days that I feel like I'm spinning much like the players on Wheel of Fortune. I spin and hope to win and pray I don't go bankrupt.  

It's difficult not to get caught up in the world, and feel like you're spinning out of control. How do we stop the constant spinning and hoping just for the best? 

The Joys of Color
Let’s  imagine we are playing Wheel of Fortune. As it’s spinning, you’re watching the primary colors and secondary colors spin together.  Think of yourself as that spinning wheel of colors and what the different colors can mean to your character. There are 3 primary colors: red, blue and yellow and these are the base of all colors. Just like your thoughts (yellow), actions (red) and habits (blue) are the base of your individuality. 

Like colors when you want to create an orange, green or purple you have to mix the primary colors together, this is exactly like our character.  Our thoughts direct our actions and our actions create our habits and when you mix the three together it enhances our creativity (orange), growth mindset (green), and spiritual growth (purple).

Thinking Yellow
Yellow is our intellect or thoughts. Our perceptions of ourselves are very powerful and sometimes can inhibit us. If you think you are stuck, overwhelmed, unworthy, not valued and feeling left out you will act that way. It will be hard to create those actions that benefit you.  Just like it would be hard to find that perfect orange if you don’t have the right mixture of yellow and red. Practice walking this yellow path by being aware of your thoughts.  

Red Riot Act

Red is the color of action and gives you energy to act.  Acting takes confidence and courage.  When you have positive thoughts, you will be acting passionately from the well of thoughts that are feeding you instead of depleting you. You will begin creating healthy habits and enjoy your passions and interest.  You will be creating the color purple within yourself. Purple reflects passions and spiritual growth.   

So paint the town red!

Blues Is Uplifting

Blue is the color of habits that bring peace, calm and truth.  When you are acting passionately from the well of wise thoughts you will be able to be truthful to yourself .

Good thoughts and habits will help you grow mentally by challenging your assumptions about yourself. Green symbolizes growth. We all know that when you mix blue and yellow you make green just like you mix your thoughts and habits to show growth.

Stop Spinning and Be Creative

If you can entertain the possibility that you have all of the colors within you and you control your thoughts, actions and habits you can feel joy and peace and meaning.  Turning your life around isn't easy, but the effort is worth every bit you put into it.  When you engage your creative abilities you find you can do things, feel successful and find hope.  Isn’t this what we all want in life: to find meaning and hope? 

Be truthful to yourself and find what makes you connect to your inner being. I am an artist so art is the way I feel better.  You don’t have to be an “artist” to enjoy art; you just have to allow your creativity to flow or spin like Wheel of Fortune and be open to the unexpected. Allow those colors to mix and burst inside of you. Enjoy the unexpected but also know what it takes to create those exact colors you want to celebrate YOU!.


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