3-Minute Art Break

A Rich You

A scribble can be worth millions. Artist Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell made their fortunes following their bliss of the scribble. Cy Twombly's blackboard painting covered in white scribbles sold for $70.5 million dollars  at a Sotheby's auction in New York City!

Le'ts face it, most of us are not going to be selling art for $70.5 million dollars. We don't have to have the goal of creating a million dollar masterpiece to enjoy the process of art. We enjoy the process of art because it's liberating!

There are several simple and fun exercises to boost creativity. When you make creativity part of your everyday life, it is empowering. It helps to reduce stress, engage in positive problem solving and allows you to step away from the "to-do" list for a few minutes.

I will explain a 3-minute exercise that any age or art skill can accomplish. It will take you out of your normal range of thinking and feeling. In this simple exercise you are going to feel something wake up in you.

3-Minute Art Break

This exercise is based only on scribbling! Remember renowned artist have used this method. It is not just a childish messy activity for toddlers. It is a playful exercise that exercises your creative muscle.  At the end of the exercise, I'll share with you why it is empowering. Don't read it till you stopped scribbling. I wouldn't want to put thoughts into your mind before you had your own personal experience.

Invite your family, co-workers or friends to join you. You might even want to post the results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest - this is how much fun it is! Elderly people with memory loss will love this and it's goof for the brain. There is research on memory and art that indicates positive results. (That's another blog.)

Scribbling Is Not Only For Toddlers

Let's get started. For the next 3-minutes you are only going to scribble.

1. Tape paper down on a table. Make sure you put some newspaper or other paper underneath to protect your table.

2.  Choose a pencil, crayons, or markers and start scribbling or 30 seconds. I like to play music and let my crayon move with the rhythm.

3.  After 30 seconds, change to your non-dominant hand and scribble for another 30-seconds.

4. Now, use both hands with one or more drawing tools in each hand. Try doing the same thing with both hands at the same i.e. drawing big circles. Play with it for 30-seconds.

Stay With It

If you feel embarrassed or scribbling just feels too weird, don't let that hinder you. All great art inventions and life expanding exercises start out being weird and strange at first. Just stay focused and go with it.  

Freedom to Play

Now that you have given yourself 3-minutes to do the exercise, I'll tell you why this simple art process is liberating and beneficial. Did you notice how fun it felt to use both hands and try different directions and motions? Using both hands benefits creative thinking, intelligence and enhances open-mindedness. No wonder it feels good and liberating.

Using the non-dominant hand and both hands help both hemispheres of the brain to work together. We are not accustomed to integrating our brain activity. When I observe my adult students doing this exercise, it reminds me of watching a child having fun on a merry-go-around. They don't want it to stop and keep saying "this is so much fun!"

The Scribble Challenge


My challenge to you is to scribble for 3-minutes a day for 3 days. You can choose to make this a family or individual project.

Tape some clean paper to a wall, table or a tray. Put some drawing materials near the paper. Make sure the paper and drawing tools are in a place you walk by frequently, a hallway, a door to the restroom, etc. As you walk by the paper and tools you will be reminded often to release your creativity. You might scribble for 10 seconds one time and 30 seconds the next. Eventually your paper will fill up. On the third day take it down and appreciate it.

Still need more ideas? Click here to download our free worksheet for more information and ideas on scribbling. Use #artistatmetamorphosis and share with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for all of us to enjoy.

Remember: if it feels good, it is good. If you find yourself being critical about the process, just push those thoughts to the side, choose a color and scribble! 

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