Self-Awareness Through Art

Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center empowers individuals and families through art. We focus on character development through the process of art. Character attributes such as imagination, determination, excellence and perseverance are taught and introduced as important characteristics that are expressed in artwork.

The idea of Metamorphosis came from when I, Selena Orona founder and stay home parent, dreamt of a place where I could be creative beside my children. As much as I enjoyed taking my children to art classes and their other enrichment classes, I just wanted a canvas of my own. This need turned into a passion and Metamorphosis Art and Enrichment Center is the result. 

I began to realize how important it is to create the time for myself not only for my own development but for the development of my children.  I learned when my children saw me be creative and we were together as a family, the experience was powerful and meaningful. We were engaged in positive problem solving together and practicing different grit attributes such as determination, patience and perseverance.  My children and I had a new understanding of abstract thoughts and feelings that could be expressed in art but we also created a platform to discuss these important attributes.  It brought a new meaning to the Baha'i quote "let deeds not words be your adorning."  

In our classes, children and adults are engaged in the process of art at their own level. We believe everyone is an artist and it's just about giving ourselves the time to explore. The aim is to bring creativity to the forefront of family life that will help with communication, problem solving and create a bonding experiences for families through art.  We celebrate all levels of accomplishment.

At the end of our classes, we are confident that all students will begin to think of themselves as a positive force and learn creative techniques to meet the demands of everyday life.  

Exploring art and excellence in character go hand in hand.

Exploring art and excellence in character go hand in hand.

I have attended two Metamorphosis workshops and believe that Selena and the team who run them, are truly gifts to our community. I brought my 3 year-old daughter to one, and my 12 year-old daughter to the other. Each workshop provided a calm, encouraging, and accepting space to take a step out of the daily hustle and bustle, and focus on creating art. My girls and I found our time in the workshops to be incredibly empowering and found that we left having made new friends. Both girls had big smiles on their faces. We all look forward to attending more in the future! The Metamorphosis Art & Enrichment Center is a magical and wonderful place.
— Christine T.
Absolutely loved the Family Art Class! My son who never wants to draw anything created a beautiful watercolor garden painting. Thank you for the wonderful memories & artwork you helped us create!
— Kelly B.

Selena Orona

Selena and her family. 

Selena and her family. 

Selena has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Social and Economic Development in Women's Studies. She has created grass root initiatives on character development and has been an early childhood educator for the last 8 years.  She has taught in China, Vietnam, Alexandria, VA, and throughout the United States. She currently resides in Alexandria, VA with her family.   Because she loves to do art and creating curricula for preschoolers she began this new journey of wanting to inspire and help others to realize the power of expression through art. 


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